OES Inc Canada - Crimp Force Monitoring Systems

We now offer crimp force monitoring systems for bench top crimping presses, stripper crimpers and fully automatic cut strip and terminate machines for the cable and wire processing industry 

The FORCEView CFM1000 - Crimp Force Monitor for bench top Crimping Presses

Supply Voltage 24DC @ 350mA External power supply included or optionally powered from press via interface cable.
Communications 1 USB 2.0
Sensor Inputs 1
Inputs 1
Outputs 2
Dimensions 89 x 147 x 25 mm
3.5 x 5.6 x 1.0 inch
Other Specs
Sensor Option IEPE/ICP Force and Strain
Analog Inputs AC Coupled
Sensor Input Inverting / Non-Inverting (software selectable)
Voltage Gain (Incremental Steps) x0.5, x1, x2, x4, x8, x10, x16, x20
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 o 120°F)
Broadband Electrical Noise 20 µV rms
Mounting Universal Mounting Bracket
Electrical Connector I/O DB9



The system captures the crimp force signature over time, and compares this signature to the reference or “learned” signature using OES’s patented CDA algorithm

Signature analysis of the region within the “box” discriminates between normal and abnormal cycle signatures that identify a defective crimp


Output relays can be configured to control the press machine

Interface with chopper equipment


Menu-driven interface supports quick setup

Multicolor graphic display of signature, inspection region, and tolerance bar relative to control limits

Two levels of defect detection with flashing amber display for suspect crimps and bright red display for crimp defects

Simple-to-use “Learn” function after setup for a new process

Audible alert following a crimp defect

Production Counter maintains a running total of good crimps, suspect crimps and defective crimps

Password controls for supervisory access to configuration routines and tolerance controls


The menu-driven, interface makes setup simple and fast


ForceView software running on a PC interfaces with the CFM1000 to support capability studies, setup, monitoring and analyzing process trends relative to control tolerances, and data logging.

Immediately color graphs of crimp process signatures are displayed on ForceView for Windows showing any trend relative to configurable upper and lower tolerances.


The FORCEView CFM2103/2203 - Crimp Force Monitor for fully Automatic cut, strip and terminate machines


Crimp defects are effectively detected and differentiated from normal crimp process variation.

In-process monitoring and detection of crimp defects including insulation inside conductor crimp, missing strands, change in crimp, dimension, deformed crimp, twisted terminal, worn or broken tooling, change in crimp material, variation in the crimp bell mouth.


Adaptable to a wide range of automatic wire processing machines.

Configurable features and options for integration with the wire processing machine functions.

Data management features for data logging. exporting, and part number entry and management.

Language configurable


100% production traceability when connected to ForceView 3.

Stores data for playback or export into production and quality reports.


Advanced crimp force algorithms deliver the highest level of crimp defect detection with minimum false rejects.

Consistent and reliable crimp defect detection for a wide range of terminal and wire crimping combinations.

Common configuration settings support efficient and error-free machine setup.

ForceView 3 displays graphic detail of the crimping process, reveals process variation associated with crimping defects, and variations in the process.

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